Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday I gained more Pinterest followers and and set up one of my Pinterest pins to be re-pinned by other members of YouLikeHits. 

You Can Join YouLikeHits Here 

Already today I have:

32 New Followers On Twitter
16 New Followers On StumbleUpon
19 New Followers On Pinterest
1 New Follower On Google Plus

I had these Pinterest pins re-pinned for me:

Need More Followers?                  Kate Upton On Sports Illustrated   

It is very easy to enter your social media usernames and load tweets, re-tweets, pins or re-pins into YouLikeHits and it is very easy to earn credits by following, sharing,  re-pinning or re-tweeting for others.

You get credits for referring others to join YouLikeHits as well as receiving credits when your referrals earn credits. This helps to build a constant flow of re-pins and re-tweets showing your blog or business.

As you can see I can recruit followers to YouLikeHits, gain new followers to my social media networks as well as promote my website all at one great social exchange.

You can join here: has social exchanges for...

Facebook:  Likes    

Twitter: Followers, tweets, retweets, favorites  

Youtube: Views, subscribers, likes, comments  

Google: Add circles  

Instagram: Followers

LinkedIn: Shares  

StumbleUpon: Followers  

Reverbnation: Fans

Pinterest: Followers, Pin, Re-pins, Likes  

Soundcloud: Followers, listeners

Website: Views   

And Here Is Just a Few Links For Fun!

Mr. Bean Goes To The Swimming Pool

Awesome People Doing Awesome Things

Blue Angels In High Definition

Disney Pixar's Paperman

Raining Loops On The Sun: Solar Flares 

One OK Rock: Re:make 

Thanks for Reading.....Happy Blogging..........Scott

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I wish you success in your business as well.

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