Sunday, September 10, 2017

Maximize Your Legacy Results!

I was able to purchase 250,000 banners from Global Rotator for $5.00. I also got 5 days of splash page views for $5.00 and with those purchases I got a $5.00 bonus added to my account. I received 36,000 page views for using just 2 of my days!

I use my Legacy Results Banner Network URL's to get credits in my Legacy Banner Network. 

Then, I can use my Legacy Results Banner Network Credits to show on all of the sites they show ads on.

Also, you can use your Legacy Team Coop "Coop" Link for splashpage views in Global Rotator to get credits to use on the more than 2000 sites they show ads on!  

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Send Your Banners Into Orbit

I Earned 329 Banners In Just A Few Minutes By This Simple Method...

State Of The Art Mailer has a time based banner program. For every ad you click you get 5 minutes of banner ads displayed. Every 12 ads earns 1 hour.

Legacy Result has a great banner network program that places banner ads everywhere. 
1) In the "Ads" section you will see the "Banner Network Exchange" where you get your image URL and the Target URL. 
2) Just place them in the Time Bonus Banner Ad in the "Advertise" section of State Of The Art Mailer. 

I send all the email ads from State Of The Art Mailer directly to trash in my email and click on the "Unclaimed Solo Ads" in the "Get Credits" area on the website. In just a few minutes I earned 3 hours of banner ads in State Of The Art Mailer which generated 329 banner impressions to be placed in Legacy Result's banner network. 

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Get Your Ads Seen On Over 2000 Traffic Sites...FREE... Legacy Team Coop

Get Your Ads Seen On Over 2000 Traffic Sites...FREE... Legacy Team Coop