Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary, Emails And the Media: When The Monster Turns On You.

After Decades Of Feeding And Using The Mainstream Media To Destroy Her Political Opponents, Hillary Clinton Has Become Its Latest Meal.

This is a classic con job.

This is an issue arising from the fact that Hillary Clinton had commissioned a private email server for her emails. Having the ability to erase any emails she 

deemed necessary. Repeatedly, she attempts to convince us that this is only about using one phone and one email account for both government and personal emails.

0:0 - First, Hillary addresses The United Nations so as to avoid the same propaganda machine that she has used to eliminate her opponents for decades. The media monster she has helped create has now turned on her. 

0:40 - Within the first minute, Hillary tries to lay the ground work for a "victimized female" defense. 

1:35 - Demonizes repulicans claiming that they either want Iran to procure nuclear weapons or simply to damage Obama. Here is Obama's address to The United Nations September, 2013. Iran still resists the pressure even today, negotiating for still more time. This current nuclear deal gives Iran another 10 years to become nuclear weaponized. 

3:10 - Hillary claims to be in compliance with the law by using a private email account. The question is not whether she had a personal account... the question is "Did she conduct government business from a email server so as to keep the people of the United States from knowing all of her business activities?"

According to Hillary, if it is inconvenient for her...she can just break the law. This is not about whether she had to carry two devices...it is about whether she could erase or hide government documents.

3:55 - Hillary claims to have emailed all government business to employees at their government email account. Prove it. Give full access to the server so it can be  proven that no other government employees had email accounts on the private server.

4: 10 - Hillary claims to have given up all emails that could possibly be government related. This is where Hillary is clearly deciding what emails she will give up. Hillary, as with most people in such powerful positions, does not feel that she must comply with government fact finding commissions. 

4:40 - Hillary admits to deleting emails, but claims that she did not want to keep them because they were personal. The average person in this country would already be in jail at this point. You can tell this lie by how detailed it is...she doesn't say "they were personal" ...she elaborates on them even to the point of claiming they were funeral arrangements and yoga classes. She spouted more of her personal business here than anyone wants to know about. Even at this point, you and I can see why the law reads as it does with regards to keeping you business dealings clean. "That is personal" is no cause to hide evidence.

5:35 - Hillary again claims this is about using only one phone instead of two, rather than a blatant attempt to hide or delete email evidence on a private server. 

6:00 - A blithering idiot from Turkish Television asks Hillary why she did not use 2 phones and if this would be an issue if she was a man. 

General Petraeus was forced to resign over email scandal.  Click Here 

7:45 - Question asked about how Hillary determines which emails she will release and which she will get rid of. Second question, can you answer questions about receiving contributions from foreign governments that commit violence towards women?

8:55 - Hillary says the federal guide lines are clear that it is the employees responsibility to determine what is personal and what is work related. Now, I am not sure, but I think the federal guide lines have more to do with keeping business and personal emails separated. Ex: They should not be mixed together on a private server.

9:35 - Hillary states how proud she is to hve contributions from organizations that commit violence towards women. Give Hillary money and you get a pass on human rights violations. 

As well as other favors.

12:50 - Hillary claims the server contains personal emails between her and Bill. She then states that those will remain private.

13:20 - Statement by reporter: "One of the distinctions is that this is a private server". 

            Question by reporter: "Is that appropriate".."did you clear that with any state department security officials and do they have full access to it?" 

13:50 - Hillary evades question and goes to how secure system was. She claims there were no security breaches. The reason we know about her private email server is because it was hacked. Hillary Email Hacked: Click Here And Click Here 

15:00 - I have grown tired of how insulting this woman is to the people of this country and will close. Feel free to continue listening. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Staged Social Engagement Marketing

Staged Social Engagement Marketing gives every networker something fun and productive to do to brand their business/themselves and develop rapport and engagement in a non-invasive, zero-rejection way by riding on the back of pre-existing content that already has a high human-interest factor. 

 The content can never run out, and is infinitely flexible for you to approach any market you are passionate about. If Mountain-climbing is your thing then you can use videos/content related to that and network with like-minded folks in that interest niche for example.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Important Info: Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Linking Social Media Sites For Posting

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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