Friday, July 18, 2014

Staged Social Engagement Marketing

Staged Social Engagement Marketing gives every networker something fun and productive to do to brand their business/themselves and develop rapport and engagement in a non-invasive, zero-rejection way by riding on the back of pre-existing content that already has a high human-interest factor. 

 The content can never run out, and is infinitely flexible for you to approach any market you are passionate about. If Mountain-climbing is your thing then you can use videos/content related to that and network with like-minded folks in that interest niche for example.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Important Info: Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

This gets better and better...

I Am Able To Automatically Post To 6 Accounts Each Of Facebook, StumbleUpon, ScoopIt, Delicious, FriendFeed, Diigo, And Plurk.

All I Do Is Build My Accounts And Does The Rest For Me...Even While I Am Not At My computer. 

But, It Gets Even Better....

Automatically Post To And Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts From The Same Platform.

Enter Any Twitter Account That You Wish And The Twitter Builder Loads All Of Those Accounts That Follow It...Then You Can Follow Those Quickly And Easily!

* Intro Members : Manage 2 Twitter Account And Autopost 30 Stages Monthly 
* Basic Members: 25 Twitter Accounts - Autopost 500 Stages Monthly
*Premium :      Unlimited Twitter Accounts - Autopost 1000 Stages Monthly

"Stage It" Button Captures Videos With One Click

(Drag and drop easily to your browser) 

Add Your Own Lead Capture Forms

(As well as Staged's professional lead capture forms)

Team Tracker

(Easily track your team members and their progress)

Built In Autoresponder 

(Automatically emails your new prospect on your behalf)

Download Your Leads

(Makes managing you lead easy)

Capture Email Addresses

(Emails listed on prospects and members pages)

Direct Messaging

(Contact your upline or downline right from the Staged paltform)  

Intro .... $9             Basic ....$49             Premium .... $99

(Where you place your ads on your stages is where they will be on free stages)  

Allow Facebook Comments On Your Stages

(Create backlinks from Facebook profiles)

Auto Posting To Social Media

(Premium members can autopost to 67 social media accounts)

Dashboard With Full Stats

(Real time..24 hr, 7 day, 30 day, and all time stats)  

These Guys Really Never To Rest When It Comes To Improving My Income! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Linking Social Media Sites For Posting

This is a small sample of the different stages the "robot" from made for me over just a few days. 

Stagebot makes 1000 stages for me every month and posts them on my social media sites.


Then, through "linking", My posts go to ...

StumbleUpon And Tumblr Post To Soup.Io
Scoop.It  Posts To  Wordpress
Scoop.It  will also link to Buffer which will post to just about anything.

Most sites will link to another, so I have been careful not to "double up" on postings.
But, you can see the strategy.... get out into the "blogosphere" as much as you can. 

You can also link your blogspot blog so it will do updates daily. Stagebot will limit the number of posts to 4 or 5 per day "except for twitter" so as not to go over any limits that may be set by social media networking sites. 

The dashboard quickly lets you see how many stages have been created, how many views on each one and the number of banner clicks on each one of the affiliate banners. 

There is also a place for interested parties to leave an email address, whereby continues to stay in contact with your personal prospects and keeps them up to date on new developments.

I have also found it very easy to help my referrals to build a downline of their own.
Staged Booster (New/Struggling Members)
Member Stages/Staged Booster                
All Members                                             has really become my best tool for growing my internet business.

If You Want To Get Staged Right Away....

Just For Fun... All Videos Located and Loaded By "Stagebot".

Walmart Mob On Black Friday

Navy Dad Surprises "Daughter" at Graduation

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

Memorable Moment: Ellen Catches George Clooney

Cute Baby Bunnies!!

Girls` Generation - Gee Music Video

Final Fantasy XIII English Walkthrough - Episode 6

Extreme Ferrets

Get A Free Account Here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome To

I just wanted to let you know how I am going to help you succeed with 

If you chose to upgrade I will help you get new referrals by loading your capture pages into my rotator links and spread them throughout all the social networks and traffic exchanges that I use to promote my own. 

New members are tracked in the Main Members Area, so it is easy for sponsors to see and contact those new members who have upgraded. I personally contact each of my new members and give them any and all help that they need or ask for.  

I use 3 links primarily .... One which has everyone of my referrals in it, and the other that has new/struggling members in it. I will be encouraging you to do the same once you get established as a means of helping your personally sponsored members succeed.

Staged Booster (New/Struggling Members)
Member Stages/Staged Booster            
All Members                                            

(Note: Cookies enabled may make the same member's page show up repeatedly even if you reload the link (this is so that the "Thank you" page is partner to that particular "capture" page, but my username is "spzkaz" so most likely you will not see that one come up ). 

I also have a 4th, but it rotates the "Go" pages and the "Product/Blog" page for each member.

Here is the compensation plan showing how your downline will explode:

This is how they are loaded into my stages (Banners at top,side an sometimes bottom):

Sheep Vs. Motorcycle     

The Radial Engine Motorcycle

Dolphin Rescue Hawaii    

Top Ten Low Flying Planes

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Cooper Compilation

To our mutual success...Scott 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yesterday I gained more Pinterest followers and and set up one of my Pinterest pins to be re-pinned by other members of YouLikeHits. 

You Can Join YouLikeHits Here 

Already today I have:

32 New Followers On Twitter
16 New Followers On StumbleUpon
19 New Followers On Pinterest
1 New Follower On Google Plus

I had these Pinterest pins re-pinned for me:

Need More Followers?                  Kate Upton On Sports Illustrated   

It is very easy to enter your social media usernames and load tweets, re-tweets, pins or re-pins into YouLikeHits and it is very easy to earn credits by following, sharing,  re-pinning or re-tweeting for others.

You get credits for referring others to join YouLikeHits as well as receiving credits when your referrals earn credits. This helps to build a constant flow of re-pins and re-tweets showing your blog or business.

As you can see I can recruit followers to YouLikeHits, gain new followers to my social media networks as well as promote my website all at one great social exchange.

You can join here: has social exchanges for...

Facebook:  Likes    

Twitter: Followers, tweets, retweets, favorites  

Youtube: Views, subscribers, likes, comments  

Google: Add circles  

Instagram: Followers

LinkedIn: Shares  

StumbleUpon: Followers  

Reverbnation: Fans

Pinterest: Followers, Pin, Re-pins, Likes  

Soundcloud: Followers, listeners

Website: Views   

And Here Is Just a Few Links For Fun!

Mr. Bean Goes To The Swimming Pool

Awesome People Doing Awesome Things

Blue Angels In High Definition

Disney Pixar's Paperman

Raining Loops On The Sun: Solar Flares 

One OK Rock: Re:make 

Thanks for Reading.....Happy Blogging..........Scott

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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